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Because there are no National, Provincial or Municipal Light Pollution Policies, the Saskatchewan Light Pollution Abatement Committee works on light pollution initiatives one at a time.

Our hope is to convince governments and developers to adopt responsible lighting practices as the normal way of planning and construction for the future.  Energy costs are rising, so one would think that it would be common to utilize fixtures and luminaries designed to minimize energy cost.

However, this does not automatically happen, as public institutions do not have to bear the cost of their decisions personally.  Our goal is to educate and influence the governments and developers to minimize light pollution, light trespass & glare in order to reduce energy use, reduce crime, reduce graffiti and provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing night time environment where stars can be seen and the night sky preserved.

Saskatchewan is the Land of Living Skies. Let's keep it that way for the other  12 hours of each day!

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